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4 STIs that are incurable

Play it safe.

However, the symptoms can be treated so as to minimize their side effects and to reduce chances of passing the infection to others.

Here are 4 incurable STIs.


1. Herpes Simplex

This is an incurable skin condition that gets into and lives in your nerves. There are two types. HSV-1 which happens around your mouth and is also known as cold sores.

Then there is HSV-2 which occurs in the genital region.

There are medications that can be taken to suppress the symptoms.

The outbreak of the symptoms include: tingling, burning, itching, or pain.


2. HIV

The human immuno-deficiency virus attacks your white blood cells which is where you immune system "resides". It eventually leads to a complete lack of immunity causing the victim to be vulnerable to illnesses.

It is the illness with the most amount of funding when it comes to researching its cures due to its horrific death toll.

Since the 1980s, it's killed an estimated 35 million people.

Thankfully, with anti-retroviral medications  viral counts have been low in patients who have been receiving treatments leading to extended life.


3. Human Papilloma Virus

HPV can lead to genital warts or in some cases- cervical cancer. There's no medical cure for HPV as the body usually eliminates infections by itself.

4. Hepatitis A&B

They are viral infections that affect your liver. They have no cures but they have vaccinnes.


The body can clear them within a few weeks. However, people can end up with chronic Hep B. When this happens, medications are given to minimise damage to the liver.


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