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Common signs of Down syndrome in babies

Does your baby have Down syndrome?

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Down syndrome is a condition where a child is born with an extra pair of their 21st chromosome. The condition leads to both physical and mental developmental delays as well as disabilities.

Although most disabilities are lifelong and some can shorten life expectancy, it’s also possible to lead a long life with the right support.

According to research, the risk of getting a baby with Down syndrome increases with age. Men over 40 years and women over 35 years of age are at a higher risk of getting a baby with Down syndrome. People with a genetic history of the condition are also at a higher risk.


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Although screening can detect if your baby has Down syndrome during pregnancy, you will hardly notice any symptoms. But once the baby is born, it’s easier to watch out for the signs and seek advice. Some common signs and symptoms of Down syndrome include;

Small head

Short neck

Flattened face


Large tongue that could protrude from the mouth

Small hands and feet with small fingers and toes

Large space between the toes

Low muscle tone

Eyes with an upward slant


Loose joints making them abnormally flexible

Small folded ears

Deep creases across the palm


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