Telltale signs your headache could actually be a migraine

Besides the headache


Most people believe that a severe and persistent headache is the main sign that you could have a migraine. However, a headache is just one of the signs; you could have other signs that you never imagined.

If you really want to know whether you are having a migraine, then watch out for these common signs and symptoms:

1. Depression and or irritability

If your headache is accompanied by a feeling of depression or mood changes, then it may not just be an ordinary headache. Most people with migraines experience mood swings; they are excited at one point and the next moment they are angry or sad.

2. Lack of sleep

Studies show a close relationship between lack of restorative sleep and migraines. Also, insomnia is known to trigger migraines. People with migraines find it harder to fall asleep and this can also increase the intensity of the migraine.

3. Auras

If your vision is no longer the same, it may also be a sign that you are actually having a migraine. Some common auras include seeing wavy lines, spots and flickering lights. This may happen shortly before the headache.

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4. Sinuses

If your headache is accompanies by watery eyes and a stuffy nose, it could also be a migraine. Research shows that most people who complain about sinus headache actually have a migraine.

5. Frequent urination

There are several reasons as to why you may be making frequent visits to the bathroom. Urinary tract infections, over hydration and diabetes are just some of them. All the same, people with migraines also experience frequent urination; which is why you should visit the doctor for correct diagnosis.

Other common signs include; nausea and vomiting, excessive yawning, restlessness, food cravings and neck pains.


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