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7 signs you are a super fertile woman

You can easily fall pregnant

Pregnant woman(SamOlivia)

Fertility is a major concern for both men and women. While there are women who easily conceive without even putting the least effort, others find it quite challenging. If you are the super fertile type, you got to watch out as you could fall pregnant when you least expect.

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In case you are wondering whether you are the super fertile type, here are common signs to watch out for:

1. You have the most predictable period


You always have your periods as per the calendar without missing. If you are this kind of woman, then you are such a fertile queen and might not need to try too hard to conceive.

2. Lots of clear discharge

During the fertile window of your cycle, you will produce considerable amounts of discharge. This clear and odorless discharge makes it easier for the sperms to swim towards the egg. Too much discharge is a sign of good estrogen production, a factor that really counts when it comes to making babies.

3. Your hormones are in check


Hormones plays a huge role when it comes to conception. If they are whacky, it might be difficult to conceive. But if your hormones always seem to be in check, good for you.

4. You have gotten pregnant even on birth control

It happens. You are on the pill or use the emergency pills after unprotected sex yet you still get pregnant. It’s just an indicator of how fertile your body is.

5. You have an average flow


Although everyone’s flow is different, an average flow is a good sign of fertility. It’s a sign that your uterine is shedding the right amount every amount. But that’s not to say that you are infertile if you have a heavy flow.

6. Your cramps are not as bad

PMSing is actually a good sign of fertility. All the same, if you have the kind of cramps that always lead you to the doctor, something might be wrong with your reproductive system.

7. You affect other people’s cycles


If your pheromones are so strong that your periods magically sync with those of your close friends, you must be such a super fertile woman. 


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