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Simple ways to increase your chances of conceiving twins

Conceive after 30

How to conceive twins(hogardeamor)

Twins are not the easiest to raise but there is something fascinating about having twins.

 It’s kinda cute plus if you just want two kids, you have them at one go and forget about labor pains. While not everyone looks forward to having twins, there are those who dream about it day and night.

If you would love to have multiples, try out some natural ways. Although it’s not like you must have twins if you use the techniques, they are known to increase the chances of conceiving multiples:

1. Marry someone with a family history of twins


Family history plays a huge role when it comes to conceiving twins. If your family has such a history and you marry someone with the same history, your chances go even higher. But if your family has no such history and you marry someone with a history of twins, your chances are also better than if you married someone without a history of multiples.

2. Conceive while breastfeeding

This doesn’t sound like the best thing to do but if you are really into getting twins, you can give it a try. While it’s not easy to conceive while breastfeeding, it can actually happen and studies show that women who conceive at this period are at a higher chance of getting twins.

3. Add weight


It’s ridiculous but some studies show that obese women are at a higher chance of getting twins. Being obese, however, has its own set of challenges and if you are not already overweight, you shouldn’t try to be.

4. Consume more dairy

Increasing your dairy intake has also been known to increase a woman’s chance to conceive twins. Eating more dairy also prompts the ovaries to release multiple eggs.

5. More folic


Folic is important for fetal development. If you want to have twins, you can start having way earlier to increase your chances.

6. Conceive when older

The older you get, the higher your chances of conceiving twins. Women over 35 years are at a higher chance of conceiving twins. However, being older has its downside when it comes to reproduction.


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