Simple ways to know if your mouth smells

The earlier you know, the better


Could you be having bad breath but you do not know it?

It’s embarrassing when you hear people complaining about a certain odor and you join in not knowing that you are the cause. Yet, sometimes you my never notice you have a certain odor until someone tells you. Sadly, most people will shy away from telling you. So, you might only be causing problems to others unknowingly.

Good thing is that there are simple ways you can use to know if you have bad breath. Check out some of them below:

1. Lick your wrist

Lick the inside part of your wrist and let the saliva dry. Be sure to do this when you have not brushed your teeth or used mouthwash as you may get false results. Once the saliva is dry, smell the wrist. What you smell is what your breath is like. If it’s unsavory, you need to up your dental hygiene. However, this method only gives you what the anterior of your tongue tastes like-which may not be very bad since the tip of the tongue is self-cleansing.

2. Using a spoon

Take a clean spoon and hold it upside down. Carefully, place it at the very end of the tongue (towards the throat) and carefully drag it forward. If you did it right, you the spoon will have some gunk on it. If the gunk is dark, it means that your mouth is dirty. Then smell the gunk. If it’s really nasty, then that’s what you smell like.

3. Breathing into a plastic container

Take a plastic cup and use it to completely cover your mouth and nose such that all the air you breathe out does not escape from the glass. Breathe into the cup using your mouth such that the cup is filled with hot air from your mouth. Then, quickly breathe in the air from the container. You should be able to tell what your breath is like.

4. Ask someone

This might be embarrassing but it’s one of the most effective ways to get an honest opinion. Ask someone you trust and someone who is so close to you. You could ask your roommate, your siblings, spouse, a colleague or a close friend who is with you most times because they must know what your breath is like.


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