Singer Akothee opens up on battling depression days after turning 41

April 13th 2022, 6:33:58 pm

Depression is real, sending love to everyone going through this ugly moment - Akothee


Being in the limelight comes with a lot of pressure, from people having high expectations of you to everyone meddling with your life since you are a public figure. Netizens always feel entitled to a certain fraction of your life.

You may think that the life of your favorite celebrities is perfect, but they are humans too and some have been battling with issues that we know nothing about.

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On that note, Kenyan singer and self-proclaimed President of single mothers Esther Akoth alias Akothee has opened up battling depression.

In a candid post on her Instagram page, the award-winning narrated that she battled depression for a period of 6 months – encouraging those going through the same to always seek help.

She also mentioned that at the moment he mental health as really improved and she is proud of the progress.

“My dear mental health is getting deeper! Don't be afraid seek for help ! It doesn't matter if you are famous or not ! This disease is worst than major diseases I ever heard about! Nothing is worst like feeling stuck ! Lost ! Empty! Depressed & emotional with on and off panic attacks ! Start by analysing your environment.

“Even your own spouse can push you to The edge. Have a healthy mind, don't allow anyone clog your mind and push it to a deep rest ! Depression is real 💪. Sending love to everyone going through this ugly moment. I battled mine 6 months ago 💪🙏🙏💪💪You can do it," Akothee revealed.

Struggles of being a famous person

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In September last year, the singer also shared struggles of being a famous person. The star confessed, at some point she used to avoid her fans, to an extent of wishing she could just a normal person, living a normal life.

She noted that that sometimes she might appear strong but deep down she is broken.

“You all might not understand but allow me express myself today. I may appear strong but deep down I have been broken Soo many times. I am a moving damaged good .

“I have realized that I have become very sensitive that I don't even want to leave my house. I don't like people recognizing me in public and at times I just wished I was just a normal person passing the streets in peace 🙏” said Akothee.

The Akothee Safari’s CEO further stated that on several occasions she has found herself running away from her fans.

“In several occasions, I have found myself running away from fans who maybe innocently, are coming to say haloo to me with love 🤔 but since most of the ones who really made an effort to come show me their love and how much they adore me turned into upgraded Professional haters 🤔🤔 without me doing anything to them.

“,I am always very scared when I meet fans in public places , the moment I am noticed, even without knowing ,I stop that business, And I just want to run away,” the singer noted.


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