Zits often times can break out for no reason.

And since they seem to appear suddenly, it's a common misconception that they can disappear just as easily.

However, they take time to appear and they take time to disappear too.

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Here are 3 safe and simple ways to get rid of different types of acne.

1. Red bumps with whiteheads

According to Cosmopolitan, once the whitehead is clearly visible, wrap your fingers in tissue and squeeze gently. Avoid using your nails as they can lead to breaking of skin and scarring.

Squeeze until the pus is completely out.

After removing the zit, treat the area with something topical, spot lotions that contain sulfur, zinc oxide and camphor should help prevent further infection.

Leave the zit alone until the whitehead is visible.

2. Bumps with no whiteheads

For this kind of cyst, see a dermatologist for a cortisone injection. This helps heal the swelling and redness.

Apply anti-cyst creams until the cyst disappears.

3. Smaller red bumps with no whiteheads

Ice the affected area for ten minutes after every 3-4 hours. Alternatively, you can apply a cortisone cream twice a day.

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