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Make your teeth whiter at home with the Snow whitening kit

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Snow teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening is one of those subjects in which it can be really difficult to determine the best method for you. Especially with all of the different systems and treatments out there, it can feel like a guessing game when it comes to choosing the best way to get whiter teeth. First, you have to decide between professional treatments which can get very pricey or at-home systems that are cheaper but may not work as well. Going down the at-home route, there are still so many different kits on the market, be it in stores or online. 

So, let this be your last stop on your journey of finding the best teeth whitening system out there. Try Snow and you will see results within the first few ten-minute sessions, guaranteed. 

Snow is a unique teeth whitening company in their approach to their system, utilizing new, sophisticated technology and doctor-curated formulas for their whitening serums, never using dangerous chemicals. 


Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Snow dedicates themselves to the experience and satisfaction of their customers. Offering their product at no shipping cost on domestic orders paired with a great customer service team makes Snow a great option for customers and is part of the reason so many Snow users are so happy. 

Snow offers a diverse line of products that make up their Oral Care Routine, the primary product being their state-of-the-art whitening kit. 


Snow’s Whitening Kit is their main attraction, so to speak, made up of a doctor-formulated whitening serum and a unique LED light mouthpiece. Their new system also comes with a red-light setting that promotes gum health. 


The kit works to bring users a shining, bright white smile from the comfort of their own home. Whitening sessions only take ten minutes and, with the new wireless mouthpiece, users can whiten wherever they please. 

The best part about this revolutionary system is that anyone and everyone can use it. From breastfeeding moms to severely sensitive mouths, Snow takes care to cater their formula to a wide audience. Snow’s formula is safe for those who are breastfeeding, as well as those who have fillings or caps; the formula is gentle enough that it won’t cause damage or any risk for those who use it. Another great thing about Snow’s formula is that it won’t cause sensitivity. Even customers who have suffered from intense pain and sensitivity in the past are thrilled with Snow’s results. As an extra precaution, though, Snow does offer a desensitizing serum so that if any discomfort does occur, users can apply this serum before whitening to prevent further pain. 

Snow now offers their new system which offers an updated, more advanced system to bring users a whitening experience like no other. The new kit utilizes technology like gesture recognition, wireless charging, bacteria removal, and red light therapy to cover all the bases for oral care. 

Their previous kit’s mouthpiece plugged into user’s phones to accommodate their busy lifestyles and make it easier to whiten anytime, anywhere. This new system takes that even farther with its wireless mouthpiece that charges and sanitizes when plugged back into the port. The mouthpiece is now also waterproof, making it even easier to use it anywhere, like in the shower. 

The new kit is also smarter than ever before. Because it is wireless, there is no need to control it with a phone, but it can be turned on and its settings altered with just a shake. The mouthpiece can go from on to off and from its whitening to its red light setting in an instant. Users can then adjust their whitening settings through Snow’s app and customize their sessions. The kit will memorize the preferred settings to give a fully customized whitening experience. 


The red light setting is a special piece of technology that Snow is excited to launch. Red light has been used in oral health due to its ability to stimulate blood circulation and reduce bacteria along the gum line. This helps to keep the gums healthy during whitening and prevent and heal receding gum lines. This setting raise the bar for teeth whitening systems across the board, giving users a more professional experience that previously only a dentist could provide, while also moving Snow more over into the oral care realm. 

The kit comes with everything customers may need to whiten successfully; the serum, mouthpiece, and whitening guide are all included as well as tips to get the best results. Snow’s kit even includes their anti-aging lip treatment inside the portable travel case. So you can use it anywhere! 



Snow’s anti-aging lip balm is made up of moisturizing ingredients that defend against harmful environmental factors and strengthen lips’ moisture barrier to maintain soft, healthy lips. The protective treatment will “Freeze the Hands of Time” by restoring dry, cracked lips and making them soft, plump, and rejuvenated. 

Made with resveratrol and other nourishing extracts like Vitamin E and Shea butter, this lip balm keeps dryness at bay and prevents the deepening of wrinkles and fine lines. Better yet, this balm can be used on cuticles and fingers as well, serving as the perfect on-the-go treatment! 


Snow’s exfoliating sugar scrub is the perfect complement to their anti-aging lip balm as it gets any dead skin cells off of the surface of the lips, revealing plump, smooth skin underneath. When used together before whitening, these lip products keep your lips safe while your teeth get a treatment of their own. 


Scented with lavender and mint, this scrub feels – and tastes – luxurious. Packed with plant extracts to nourish the lips, this scrub won’t harm the sensitive skin like a chemical would. The sugar in the scrub serves to exfoliate lips while the other ingredients like Vitamin E, agave, and resveratrol work to protect and preserve the fresh skin. 

This exfoliating scrub comes with a cooling applicator that doubles as an undereye roller to combat puffiness and reduce inflammation. 


If you’ve ever been to the dentist, you will know how important flossing is for the health of our teeth. Flossing reaches the plaque and food pieces that builds up in between teeth and removes them, preventing cavities and gum problems. Flossing is essential for maintaining healthy gums and healthy gums mean a healthy mouth. 


Activated charcoal is known to enhance cleaning and help absorb plaque and bacteria, according to Snow’s website. So now, with Snow’s charcoal floss, customers can even whiten their teeth while flossing, allowing for even better results. Plus this floss has a subtle minty flavor so don’t let the charcoal scare you off. 

Snow’s products in the Oral Care Routine have been featured in sites such as Elle, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, and more as the Top Product in February 2018. Similarly, Snow’s customers are happy all around. The reviews on Snow’s website are filled with praise, progress photos, and proof that the system really, truly works in delivering the best whitening results possible. 

In addition to the millions of users worldwide, Snow’s system is the most used whitening system among celebrities. Since celebrities’ smiles are pretty much always on display, they need an effective method of teeth whitening. Celebrity grade smiles are always being sought after, so the fact that so many use Snow demonstrates just how effective their formula is. 

Snow is the system used by the most celebrities and is featured as the top whitening system by publications such as Marie Claire, People, Elle, and Good Housekeeping. People everywhere are just loving Snow’s system. 


Celebrities such as former Patriots football star Rob Gronkowski and UFS World Light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell have teamed up with Snow as featured partners of the system. Other celebrities and influencers such as Floyd Mayweather and Chris Pratt have also jumped on board with Snow, saying it’s the best system they’ve used. 

Formulated by doctors and approved by many dentists, Snow’s system uses a state-of-the-art formula for the whitening serum and a unique LED mouthpiece to give users the best whitening results possible.  

Snow’s formula is the only formula that actually goes beneath the surface of teeth to remove old stains and even prevent further stains in the future. The proprietary formula doesn’t use any harsh or dangerous chemicals either, making it a safer option for users’ oral care. Users also love the fact that Snow’s formula doesn’t cause any pain or sensitivity. 

Snow never tests on animals and even gives back to the community, donating proceeds to children and families who do not have access to dental care to help spread healthy smiles to those in need. 


Snow’s system is great because it focuses greatly on oral health in addition to teeth whitening, setting them apart from other teeth whitening methods and companies. 

The whitening kit and additional products can be found and bought on Snow’s website along with other information about their system and company values. 


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