Simple and cheap ways of keeping your bathroom sparkling clean

Keeping a bathroom spotless is so easy....

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house. As much as we cleanse ourselves in the bathroom and also wash our clothes, it also takes effort to keep the bathroom clean. If not well taken care of, the bathroom might be the dirtiest place in the house despite being a cleaning house. Therefore here are simple, affordable ways to keep the bathroom spotless at all times.

1.Ensure that the bathroom is dry

One of the best ways to keep a spotless bathroom is to keep it dry. Water is conducive environment for stain formation and should therefore be cleared forthwith. It is recommended that a person should place a squeezer in the bathroom so that any spilled water can be dried after using the bathroom.

Keep the windows and doors open for evaporation to take place.

2.       Use of liquid soap

Instead of using a bar soap, use liquid soap. It is recommended you use with a liquid soap with a pump or hands-free soap dispenser when you are cleaning the sink.

3.       Clear off surfaces

Clear the objects that have been placed on the surfaces. Have them arranged in an organized way in a designated pace to ensure order. Also remove dirty clothes from the floor and place them in a different place where there is order.

4.       Install ample towel bars

Towels dry quickly and when well-placed or arranged they make the bathroom look tidier. Wall hooks could also come as a substitute in case you do not have the bars.

5.       Have an abundant supply of dryer sheets in the bathroom

Dryer sheets such as tissues or paper towels come in handy when you need to dry the surface and also remove objects like hair and dust.

6.       Arrange everything neatly

Take some time daily to arrange and put the bathroom paraphernalia in order. Ensure that all the compartments are sparkling clean and that everything is in its place. It is recommended that you try to take at least a minute or two every day to ensure that the organization in the bathroom is seamless. With time you will not need to take a lot of time during weekends trying to undo the mess of disorganization.

7.       Use of sandpaper

Having a hard time removing tough, stubborn stains? Good news is that ultrafine sandpaper can take care of that with ease. Just scrub the stains and then finish it off with a clean cloth. The tiles will be as good as new.

8.       Have a stash of disinfecting cleaning wipes under your sink

Disinfected wet wipes will help you clean off splatters, watermarks and other spills before they dry and become harder to clean.

9.       Power of vinegar

This may come as a surprise but vinegar could be used as a cleaning agent. Mix it with lemon and baking soda and then spray it on the surfaces you intend to clean. Having done that rinse with warm water and then buff it dry to prevent watermarks.

You can also soak your showerhead overnight. It will be spotless clean and very shiny.

10.   Clean your toilet brush

When you are done using your toilet brush clean it using bleach and warm water. Soak it in bleached water for an hour then rinse it under hot water. The amount of bleach should be 2-3 capfuls in a bucket full of hot water.


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