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5 reasons why you have swollen feet

Why your feet swell

They support your entire body, have countless bones and muscles and also ferries you to and from every time you need to go somewhere.

Often times feet aren't given the tender loving care that they need to rejuvenate themselves. You wear the wrong shoes, don't give them massages or pedicures etc.

And sometimes, they even end up swollen.


Other times the reasons are rather expected, such as an injury or pregnancy.

Here are 5 reasons why your feet are swollen.

1. You stand for long hours

People who work on their feet are the most likely victims of this. Doctors, nurses, shop attendants and the likes, end up working on their feet for hours. This is because when you don’t move much while standing, the muscles in your legs, ankles, your feet don’t have a chance to contract, causing blood flow to and from your feet to slow down. Sitting for long periods of times can cause this as pinched blood vessels cause by the position you’re in can aggravate the swelling.


2. Too much salt

If you consume too much salt in your meals or eat too many processed foods such as ready to eat meats, you could end up retaining a lot of water which could lead to swelling of your feet.

3. Being overweight

The fat compresses circulation in the legs and back pressure causes their legs to swell.

4. Hormonal fluctuations


Hormonal fluctuations after ovulation can happen and will lead to bloating.

5. Medication

Some drugs can cause feet to swell. Pills used to treat diabetes make it harder to get sodium out of the body which leads to swelling. Heart medication and anti-inflammation meds can lead to swelling of the feet too.


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