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When most Kenyan women moved to natural hair

Kenyan women got tired of the wigs and weaves....

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Natural Hair

About Natural hair

Natural hair became so popular in Kenya when women started feeling tired of cosmetics and perming their hair. Many argue that women just became tired of trying to fit in the shoes of the western culture.


Natural hair gained traction when Kenyan women started embracing their African identity. They were tired of synthetic hair and products. Therefore in 2013 Michele Ntalami’s Marini Naturals really fueled the popularity of natural hair. Marini naturals is a company that sells organic products. The products can be applied on natural hair to nourish and style it in diverse ways.

Celebrities also played a very huge role in giving natural hair endorsement. People like Sheila Ndinda, Lupita Nyongo, Sylvia Njoki and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta have proved that natural hair is stylish.

Fashion bloggers like Sharon Mundia, Lucia Musau and Sylvia Njoki advertised natural hair in their pieces. They wrote about the advantages of having natural hair while posting elegant photographs of well styled natural hair.

With the advent of social media, the liking for natural hair grew even more exponentially. Women would share very beautiful high definition photos of well-designed natural hair.

Some women say that natural hair brings about the true identity of a person. Synthetic hair such as wigs and weaves make a person look like a replica of someone else. A person’s own hair gives a person the sense of managing it in their own unique style according to their liking.



I rate natural hair 4.5 out of 5.


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