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Here’s the best skincare routine for someone with an oily skin

A simple routine

Letting your oily skin determine whether or not you will put on some makeup is limiting.

Stressing about your greasy skin? A good skincare routine can help you manage it. Oily skin can be caused by your genes, using the wrong skincare products, weather changes as well as hormonal fluctuations.

Even though it’s annoying to have a greasy nose after every few hours, it can also be a good thing. People with oily skin are said to age slower as compared to those with dry skin. But the downside of having oily skin is that it’s more prone to acne than the other types of skin. This is because the excess oils being produced by your sebaceous glands clog the pores causing breakouts.

So, how do you go about taking care of oily skin? Follow this simple skincare routine:

1. Cleanse your face in the morning


You might have sweated at night or collected dirt during sleep. It’s best if you started your day by getting rid of the excess oils and dirt which may otherwise clog your pores. This way, your skin will be in a better position to absorb the skin care products you use. And don’t just wash your face with your multi-purpose soap. Invest in a cleanser since ordinary toilet and bar soaps may be quite harsh on your skin.

2. Exfoliate your skin

This is a very important routine for someone with oily skin. Oily skin is prone blackheads, dead cells build up and even clogged pores. To avoid these, exfoliate your skin at least two times a week with a gentle exfoliant.


3. Moisturize your skin

After cleaning your face, don’t forget to apply moisturizer. But why should you apply moisturizer when your skin is producing so much oil? Well, when you don’t moisturize, your skin responds by producing even more oils in order to keep the skin hydrated. It actually gets worse when you skip the moisturizer.

4. Don’t forget the sunscreen


We can’t emphasize enough on the importance of sunscreen. I know it might feel like so much work but it’s just a few seconds that will protect your skin from sun damage. Look for a lightweight sunscreen so that it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a thick mask on your face.

5. Cleanse your face again before going to bed

By all means, don’t go to bed without cleansing your face. But also do not over-wash your face because it will overproduce those oils that you so much hate.


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