Here's a super easy way to clean your dirty beauty blender

No more dirty beauty blenders.

(L) Before and (R) After cleaning beauty blenders (Courtesy)

Dirty makeup sponges and beauty blenders can actually be the reason why you have regular skin breakouts. They are filthy and dirty from being used over and over again as they accumulate a lot of dirt and excess oil from your skin so they constantly need to be cleaned. A beauty blender comes in handy to blend your concealer as well as foundation sometimes, for those who prefer to use the blender instead of a brush. However, we almost always forget that the beauty blender needs to be cleaned constantly. Now, thanks to netizens out there, there’s a really quick and easy way to clean your beauty blender in just a matter of seconds.

All you will need is a small bowl, liquid dish washing soap or hand washing soap with antiseptic and a microwave.

So, all you gotta do is pour your liquid soap into the bottom of the bowl and pour a bit of water, then submerge your beauty blender and put it in the microwave for one minute.

Once the one minute is over, take out the bowl, give it a few seconds to cool down, squeeze out the dirt from the blender, pour that water and repeat the process.

Once the minute is done, rinse out the beauty blender with clean water and it will be as good as new.

The microwave heat also helps kill any bacteria that may be present. The only bad thing about this method is that it could make the beauty blender get old a bit more quickly. But hey, at least you know how to clean it now right?


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