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Here's why period farts smell so bad

Period farts smell like a dead cat!

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Ladies, if we are being honest with ourselves, the farts before and during our periods are the absolute worst. They smell worse than a dead cat or rotten eggs. Men, I am sure you have experienced this at least once if you are blessed with a bae and couldn’t help but wonder how such a beautiful woman could release such a smelly gas. Hey, it’s totally normal and if you’ve been wondering why those period farts are lethal, then lucky for you because today we will school you on why they stink like a skank!

Basically, estrogen is the hormone that peaks around ovulation and progesterone peaks right before your period and, pretty much, this very hormone is the culprit. Tell you what, symptoms of high progesterone include constipation, bloating, and gas, partly due to the relaxation of the smooth muscles in your intestines. When the period starts, hormone-like compounds called prostaglandins also increase and they cause contraction of the uterus to remove the uterus lining, which causes the bleeding. These prostaglandins also cause contraction of the smooth muscle tissues in the intestines and this causes the farts.


In addition, the hormonal changes can have an effect on the microbiota in your gut which is where all the bacteria in your digestive system are and this can also cause those lethal farts.

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