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6 important tips for getting your first tattoo

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Read this first.

Things to consider when getting a tattoo (Courtesy)

Listen and listen very carefully. If you’re gonna get a tattoo, you better get it right the first time because it’s not only painful but also expensive and time consuming, to get it removed. I mean, tattoos are cool, for some people and for others, they’re a no no. I’m all for people doing what they feel like cause life is too short, still, I always say, take your brain with you though! That being said, before you get your first tattoo to look or appear cool or for whatever other reasons, please read these tips:

1. The very first step is to think it through!

Think about the tattoo you want to get, take your time, think about the placement, where you want it to be, research if you must. The last thing you want is a tattoo you will be embarrassed about in future. Will your parents, future spouse and kids approve? If yes, then that’s fine. In fact, some people say that you should hang a picture of the tattoo you want to get on your bedroom wall and see if you get bored of it after a month and if you do, well, you might wanna rethink your decision to get that tattoo as you will wake up with it for the rest of your life. But hey, point is, take your time to think about the design you’re keen on.


2. Research on the right tattoo artiste.

Now that you have figured out what tattoo to get and where you want it. You have to research on the right artist. Cheap is expensive. You don’t wanna go to a tattoo artist that will misspell a word or use tools that are not well disinfected or worse still, end up with a joke of a tattoo! Basically, word of mouth helps, if you see a friend with a really great tattoo, you could ask them where they got it done. Try and get an artist who specializes in the actual tattoo you want because different artists specialize in different tattoos. You could find an artiste that’s great at small detailed tattoos but not good at Japanese writings for instance. You could also check Instagram and social media and see their work before deciding on one artist.

3. Consult with the tattoo artiste and trust his professional opinion.

Now, it’s okay to go with the idea you have in mind, but it's very important to hear their professional opinion. Reach out to the artist and hear if they want and are able to take on the project. If they advise you against the design or area, you might maybe wanna listen instead of insisting that you want what you want…again, this is a professional and his opinion is very important.


4. Proper post care.

You have to follow a specific set of rules to take care of your tattoo. Getting a tattoo is only half of it, the other half is the post care. You don’t want your tattoo to scar, fade, or even heal badly. Listen to the specific after care of your artist because different styles of tattoos have different after care instructions. Don’t Google and do your own things. Simply follow what your artist told you.

5. Don’t get a tattoo while under the influence.

Sounds pretty basic right? But you’d be surprised at just how many people go to get tattooed while boozed up or high. This is discouraged because when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your judgement is impaired and you’re not really thinking straight. Alcohol also thins your blood and this could cause your tattoo to bleed or heal badly. If you’re worried about the pain, you could take over the counter pills that help numb the pain. Or simply, just relax, breathe and try to enjoy the process, you could bring a friend (one, not more as they could distract the artist) to keep you company, or bring your earphones, enjoy some music or some Netflix. 


6. Lastly, eat before you get tattooed,

That’s right. You need to eat a good meal beforehand as this will prevent you from getting light headed and passing out as well as give you strength and energy and this will in turn, help reduce the pain.


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