8 amazing tips for people with dry skin

Read this if you have dry skin.

Tips for people with dry skin (Courtesy)

Dry skin can be absolutely natural and can also be caused by other factors like the weather. People with dry skin have low sebum production and their skin is not able to retain moisture. Dry skin can sometimes feel itchy, flaky and even feel so tight. If you have dry skin, we have a few tips for you:

1. Drink lots of water.

Water is great for your general health and bodily functions as it will assist in the digestive process and also help flush out toxins. Drinking water will also hydrate your body and this will leave your skin glowing and free of pimples.

2. Reduce foods that dehydrate you such as coffee, alcohol, sugary and salty foods. If you can’t, increase the water.

3. Exfoliate.

It’s necessary to exfoliate at least twice a week, with body scrub, be it home-made or store-bought, to remove the dead layer of skin and allow the moisturizer to penetrate deeply into the skin.

4. Shower with warm water, instead of hot.

The problem is that hot showers strip your body of its natural oil barrier, and you need that barrier to help trap moisture and keep your skin smooth and moist.

5. Moisturize immediately after showering, on slightly damp skin within minutes of bathing to trap in moisture.

6. Petroleum jelly makes for a great moisturizer for people with dry skin.

You can also try layering different moisturizers especially at night. Say, the moisturizer that works for you, then another layer of another oil on top. You can also add some glycerin in your moisturizer to give it a rich feel.

7. During the cold months, if you put your heater on, put a bowl of water next to the heater to get moisture into the air.

8. Shaving can irritate dry skin. As you shave unwanted hair, you're also scraping off natural oils.

The best time to shave is after you shower, since the hairs are softer and more pliable after bathing, making shaving easier. Remember to always use a shaving cream or gel, and shave in the direction the hair is growing to protect your skin.


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