5 handy tips to prevent diaper rashes

 Mums, some handy tips to prevent those diaper rashes

Changing a baby's diaper (Verwellfamily)

Diaper rashes can be annoying and uncomfortable for the baby as they can cause irritation, pain and discomfort for the child. If you’re a new mum, you may be wondering what you’re doing wrong or, what you can do to prevent those rashes. Worry no more because we have a few handy tips for you.

1. Keep your baby’s bum clean and dry.

One of the reasons for diaper rashes is not changing the diaper often. You should try to change the diaper at least once in every three hours, even during the night. Also, clean your baby’s privates thoroughly during every diaper change and pat dry. Remember to sanitize your hands before and after every change.

2. Choose the baby products very wisely.

Scented diapers for instance are bound to be loaded with chemicals which might cause the rashes and irritation. Rinse your baby’s bottom with warm water or a wet cloth if the baby is sensitive to baby washing soap for instance. If you use nappies, make sure they’re made of cotton and that you wash them thoroughly so that there are no remains of harsh detergents.

3. Buy the right diaper size.

Diapers come in different sizes. Be sure to buy a pack that’s right for your baby’s age and weight. This will ensure better air circulation and fit well. In addition, do not fasten the diaper too tightly. It’s also important to try and keep your baby off diapers whenever possible.

4. Soothe the privates.

Choose ointments and powders that are intended for babies and apply either of them to protect the diaper area from rashes. The ointments act as a protective later between your baby’s skin and the diaper, while the powder helps keep the surface dry.

5. Go easy while weaning.

Introduce one food at a time and wait to see if it causes rashes anywhere in your baby’s body, including the diaper area. If it does, stop the food for a while. Breastfeed you child for as long as you can, even after introducing solids as it ups immunity and helps reduce the chances of rashes. 


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