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Hair expert weighs in as to why your hair isn’t growing anymore

This is why

Why your hair isn't growing

So you have been trying to do everything you think is right to your hair but it still doesn’t grow? Some people face this challenge and it can be very frustrating while you invest in expensive hair care products but you see no results.

Before you go on to spend chunks of money on your hair, you need to first know what your hair needs. Otherwise, you will continue spending more and more money while your hair remains stagnant. We bet you don’t want that.

But why would you pamper your strands and give them all the love and still see no results? Pulselive sought to get the answers as to why some people’s hair never seems to grow from a hair expert, one Trichologist John.

According to this expert, there are two main reasons as to why you may not be experiencing any change in terms of your hair growth.


1. You do not maintain your hair as you should

Don’t believe it? Well, you need to start watching how well you take care of your hair. Your hair is not the problem, you could be the problem. The expert tells us that sometimes the hair grows as it should but if you do not maintain it well, it breaks and you do not see results.

“The growth is going on as usual i.e cell division is optimal. But as the hair shoots above the skin surface, the hair is not maintained well and it breaks from the end. So as the hair is growing, it is cutting almost in proportion thereby implying no growth. To most people, this is what happens” this trichologist tells us.

2. Poor nutritional intake

Yes, you read that right. Your diet could also be affecting your hair growth. Although this expert tells us this is not usually a common cause for many people, if you do not take the right nutrients, the cell division process that leads to hair growth could be affected.


What to do if your hair is not growing

If your diet is right, then your problem could be poor hair maintenance.

If your hair has been stagnating for a while, John says, “I advise on proper hair maintenance routine with good quality and effective products. Products are so key in keeping hair shaft healthy. Nutrients and minerals intake are also key to the hair root.”


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