Vanessa Mdee excites fans with trendy 90s inspired hairstyle (Photos)

Finger waves are the in thing

When she’s not dressing up in trendy outfits, she’s switching up different weave and wig hairstyles and basically, this is one chic that can pull off any look. We have seen her in bold wig colors such as fiery red wigs and even blue and platinum blonde wigs. Now, the petite Singer has decided to ditch the weave and wigs for 90s inspired finger waves that were made popular by Singer/Dancer Josephine Baker back in the 1920s. The hairstyle would then make a comeback in a fashione-y way in the 90s, thanks to Hip Hop artistes such as Missy Elliott, TLC, Lil Kim to mention but a few. And now, we are seeing finger waves on many fashion-conscious girls on the interweb and it’s one of the hairstyles of the season, having been seen on top fashion aficionados such as Zendaya. The style can be achieved on both long and short hair and unlike in the 90s and the Josephine Baker days, you can just have part of the front or side part made into finger waves as opposed to the whole head, for a modern touch.

Vanessa Mdee debuted the finger waves style via her Instagram. This is not the first time we are seeing her with short hair albeit, I think she looks stunning in the finger waves style that makes her features pop. Her fans were quick to shower her with compliments and we definitely give the style a thumbs up too! This hairstyle is pretty easy and it’s achieved by simply gelling up moisturized hair and using a fine tooth comb to create the waves. One thing though, if you’re gonna try the style, go easy on the gel as there’s something super shady about overly gelled hair.

Check her out:

Cute right?


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