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5 unknown health benefits of vinegar

Why you should include vinegar in your diet.

It has been in use since 420 BC.

These are some of the main health benefits of vinegar.


1. Antioxidants

Vinegar contains antioxidants that can have a protective effect against kidney and liver oxidative injury.

2. Helps control blood sugar levels

Studies on rats showed that being given vinegar led to lower levels of blood sugar if it was fed in conjunction with corn starch.

Vinegar was also observed to cause post-meal insulin sensitivity, theorising that vinegar could be a potential treatment to slow the progression of diabetes.


3. Weight loss aid

According to Self-hacked, vinegar increases satiety levels which measure how much food people eat in order to satisfy their hunger.

4. May help prevent cancer

Increased intake of vinegar is associated to a decreased risk of digestive tract cancer.


Sugar cane vinegar was also observed to reduce the growth of human leukemia cells.

Acetic acid in vinegar forms acetate ions in the stomach, which may possess antitumor effects.

5. Prevents infections

Diluted vinegar can be used to treat ear infections, open wounds and it can also be used to detect the human papilloma virus during screening.

In remote areas that may not have immediate access to health care, it is observed that the acetic acid in vinegar comes in contact with the viral lesions associated with HPV, it alters them, allowing midwives to detect infection with 77% sensitivity.


According to some studies, vinegar can also be used to treat yeast infections. Half a cup of vinegar in bath water can help women get relief from vaginal infections.


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