Why going swimming can be dangerous to your health

Maybe don't go swimming in public pools.

Between 2004 and 2014, the Center recorded 493 outbreaks related to treated recreational water in the US.

These outbreaks led to more than 27,000 illnesses and eight deaths.

In 30% of the outbreaks, the causes could be traced back to public pools, bath tubs and spas.

Majority of the illnesses were due to microorganisms that cause disease while the rest were caused by the chemicals in the pools.

Common illnesses

Cryptosporidium which causes diarrhea, was responsible for 212 outbreaks and more than 21,700 illnesses over the 14 years. It can survive in properly maintained and chlorinated pools

It is spread when a swimmer who has diarrhea putting others at risk of swallowing contaminated water.

Legionella which causes a pneumonia like illness called Legionnaires' Disease. The pathogen is found in hot tubs or spas that haven't been disinfected properly. Six of the eight deaths were caused by legionella.

Pseudomonas which causes blockage in the ear, also causes a rash.

Hotels, water parks and pools can prevent spread of legionella and pseudomonas, it is up to swimmers to prevent the spread of cryptosporidium.



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