5 ways to lose weight without exercising

Shed off the extra weight with these simple tips.

From busy schedules to pure laziness to start going to the gym, losing weight requires a lot of effort.

For those that may be struggling to take the necessary steps to losing weight, here are some ways you can lose weight without necessarily hitting the gym.


Your body can confuse being thirsty for being hungry thus making it important for people to hydrate as much as they can.

Try substitute carbonated drinks, coffee and tea for water.

2.Eat water-rich foods

Drinking water isn’t the only way that people can stay hydrated. Fruits such as watermelons, cucumbers and celery are rich in water thus assisting in keeping you hydrated.

3.Use little oil when cooking

The key with using oil, isn’t so much to switch to a healthier type of oil – which is still fine – but more to the amount of oil that you use when cooking.

“Just because olive oil is much healthier than soy bean oil, it doesn’t mean that you can just liberally use oils,” registered dietitian-nutritionist Whitney Stuart was quoted by MSN.

4.Maintain a good sleep schedule

Getting enough sleep every single night will ensure a proper routine for you. Your body will get the right amount of rest it requires which will eventually result in the success of your weight loss.


Try yoga. It has various benefits and one of them is weight loss.

Stretching the way, one does during yoga helps in digestion, loosening limbs and burning fats. You can’t miss a simple instructional yoga video on Youtube.

Source: MSN


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