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8 reasons that boost the growth of belly fat

Why your tummy never seems to go away

Losing belly fat or avoiding the development of a "tummy" is also important as studies have shown that increased belly fat puts you at higher risk of getting coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

This abdominal fat surrounds your internal organs, including your stomach, and lungs.

Here are 8 things you should avoid doing because they boost the growth of belly fat.


1. Taking too many fizzy drinks

Consuming two bottles of soda daily increases chances of increasing your waistline to increase five times bigger than those who don't take soda. The high amounts of sugar in the soda can lead you to over eating.

2. Using a big plate to eat

This causes you to eat more than you would need as you would be inclined to clear the food on your plate. Since you are eating more than you need, the excess will be stored as fat in your body.


3. Eating late at night

Going to sleep on a full stomach disrupts your metabolism. While your body does convert food into energy while you sleep, going to sleep while full only has it converted into fat.

4. Low fat diets

Monounsaturated fats are bad for your health. Natural high fat foods such as avocados and nuts are much healthier options that low fat foods or drinks. They also have added sugars so as to compensate for the lost tate.


5. Sleep deprivation

When you don't get enough sleep, the stress hormone, cortisol increases. This in turn causes cravings in sugar.

6. Deep fried foods


7. Genetics


You may deposit more fat in your belly due to your genes. Lifestyle choices would need to be made to accommodate this as you are more likely to increase belly fat than any other demographic.

8. Depriving yourself of proteins

No. Nyama choma doesn't count because it's too high in cholesterol. Healthy adults should consume at least 20g to 25g of protein in each meal depending on your level of activity and your physical size.


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