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5 strange beauty standards around the world that will scare you

Many of these beauty trends have a huge symbolic or even religious importance.

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”, according to the old saying. It is no wonder that when it comes to some of the most unusual beauty trends from around the world, the saying is proven to be certainly true.

Many of these beauty trends have a huge symbolic or even religious importance, while other procedures are carried out in a bid to ensure that a woman secures herself the richest and most influential husband within her own tribe or community. brings you strange beauty standards around the world that will you scare you.


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This weird beauty trend is also found in Papua New Guinea, half a world away from Ethiopia and South Sudan. Here, the Sepik people mark the skin of their young men with a very particular alligator pattern. This is another rite of passage ritual, with the Sepik believing that the alligator consumes the boyhood of the young man, thereby allowing him to enter adulthood.

2.  Lip plate

The Mursi tribe living in south-west Ethiopia appreciates big lips. In order to increase the size of their lips, girls wear a lip plate. At first, they get their lower lip cut, insert a stick into it and then they start to wear a clay plug, the diameter of which can reach 30 centimeters. According to Mursi, a larger lip disc is equitable to the higher social status of women, as well as protection from evil spirits.


3. Elongated Earlope

In Myanmar, Kenya and Tanzania, as well as on the island of Borneo, elongated earlobes are supposed to signify beauty and status. Holes on the bottom of the ears are increased with the help of wooden sticks and heavy brass earrings. To attract the weaker sex, men "undo" their ears, and when hunting, on the contrary, they tie them in a knot.

4.Dark Teeth

Dark teeth are a standard of beauty in some local tribes in Asia. Initially, the tradition to dye one’s teeth has been associated with protection from tooth decay as well as symbolizing the status of a married woman.


5. Face Tattoo

Tā moko popularly known as face tattoo as is considered to be a standard of masculinity for the Maori people in New Zealand. It is the tribe’s ancient tradition, symbolizing an important milestone of boys turning into men. The higher is the man’s status and origin, the more intricate the pattern on his face will be. To become more attractive to the opposite sex, they also receive special tattoos on their buttocks and thighs.


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