6 reasons why you should never skip breakfast

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You are tired of hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sorry for repeating it for the hundredth time but really, we should get serious about it.

Whether you’ve been skipping breakfast because you don’t feel hungry, you are trying to lose weight or you are ever late for work, you should not be doing it. There is a reason as to why it’s said to be ‘the most important’ meal.

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If you are wondering why so much value is attached to it, check what happens to your body when you get in the habit of going without breakfast:

1. You gain weight

If you have been skipping breakfast because you want to lose weight, you are doing it all wrong. Each time you skip breakfast, it means you be hungry during the day and you will most likely eat more food and snacks. But eating a healthy breakfast keeps you fuller and you may not need to snack in between main meals.

2. Heart diseases

We all dread them. A Harvard research showed that men who skipped breakfast stood higher chances of heart diseases. So if you have to skip any meal, it should not be breakfast.

3. Your energy dips

If you have been wondering why you are ever feeling sluggish at work, your breakfast habits may be to blame. You need energy to kick off your day and you won’t have it if you skip breakfast.

4. Mental health

For your brain to cooperate, you need to be well fed. People who take breakfast are sharp in terms of memory and cognition.

5. The risk of diabetes

You will not only be torturing your body by skipping breakfast but you also put it at the risk of diabetes. When you do not eat for long hours, your body will suffer a glucose imbalance leading to diabetes.

6. You will be moody

A hungry man is an angry man. According to research, skipping breakfast affects your stress hormones and you might end up feeling anxious or angry for no apparent reason. 


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