When it’s cold, you badly want to jump into the bathroom and take a hot shower or birth. Feels like a pretty good idea as well following a long, tiresome day.

And while it feels really good and relaxing on the skin, you should actually avoid it. Check out these reasons why a hot shower is actually a bad idea:

1. Affects fertility


Wonna make babies? If so, stay away from hot showers and bath. Studies show that too much heat could affect a person’s ability to procreate. Needless to say that the temperatures down there need not be so high for the health of the sperms.

2. Dry skin

Your skin produces natural oils and hot showers will wash the oils away. Dry skin becomes more sensitive and prone to skin infections. For good skin, take cold showers or warm showers. And if you have you must take a hot shower, then it should be quick.

3. Acne

Woman with acne(Well+Good)

If you have acne, you will want to stay away from hot showers. They aggravate the breakouts and make them spread. Warm water is good for acne but hot water is a big no.

4. Your hair

Woman in shower(naturalhairgrowthtips)

Just like hot water strips oils from your skin, it does the same for your hair. It dries up the scalp which could lead to itching and dandruff. Hot water also damages keratin cells and hair cuticle thus weakening your strands.

5. Wrinkling

Although it will not happen instantly, hot showers speed up wrinkling making you look older than you actually are.