6 cervical cancer symptoms every woman should know

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In this era where cancer has become such a menace, you can only be more vigilant. If you detect some extra ordinary changes in your body, don’t just assume.

Check out these signs and symptoms of cervical cancer:

1. Vaginal bleeding

Although vaginal bleeding could result from various things such as STIs, it could be also a sign of cervical cancer. If you are having unusual bleeding after sex, in between your periods or after menopause, you need to go for examination to rule out the possibility of cervical cancer.

2. Abnormal discharge

A woman produces different types of vaginal discharge depending on her menstrual cycle, pregnancy, as well as health condition. So, the moment you notice an abnormal discharge, don’t be fast to freak out. Instead, see a doctor soonest possible. A foul-smelling reddish discharge or watery one could raise alarm.

3. Extremely heavy periods

If your periods are abnormally heavy and are lasting longer than usual, talk to your gynecologist. One reason why periods last longer is due to cervical cancer. So don’t assume it.

4. Pelvic pain

When accompanied by abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain is a major sign of cervical cancer. This is especially if the pain is not related to other issues such as menstrual pain. The pain could also be felt during sex and urination. To be on the safer side, talk to the doctor about it earliest possible.

5. Fatigue

Fatigue can result from so many things. So, it shouldn't worry you as much. It’s just one of the signs of cervical cancer although not a major one. However, if you are experiencing chronic fatigue along with bleeding and pelvic pain, you will need to go for a checkup.

6. Nausea and weight loss

The feeling of nausea can make you vomit or even fail to eat. This in return can lead to massive weight loss.

It’s always best to be on the look for any changes in your body to ensure you are healthy. Also, go for screening once in a while just to be safe.


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