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7 medical tests women should never ignore

Getting regular health checks is the best way to avoid future health complications.

Getting regular health checks is the best way to avoid future health complications and these are the tests that every woman should make a point of taking.

1.Blood pressure

While blood pressure is usually a routine check during hospital visits, women over the age of 40 or those with certain conditions such as obesity are encouraged to take the test more often. Equipment for home testing is available but for definite results, a doctor’s counsel would be wise.


2.Pap smears

Every woman above the age of 21 years is encouraged to have a pap smear every three years. The papa smear is to test for the cancer-causing virus Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

3.Breast cancer screening

While the risk of getting breast cancer increases with age, women from the age of 50 are encouraged to get mammograms every two years. If there is a family history of breast cancer however, patients should seek a doctor’s advice.

4.Glucose tests


Women should make a point of getting their blood glucose checked from around the age of 45. Other factors such as family history, obesity or race should be considered when checking blood glucose.

5.BMI (Body Mass Index)

Every woman above the age of 18 should ensure they regularly check their body mass index (BMI). The main purpose of BMI testing is to find out whether someone is overweight, underweight and that their weight correlates with their height.



Cholesterol testing is important especially when it comes to assessing one’s risk of developing heart complications or a stroke.

Every woman from age 20 and above to ensure they have their cholesterol checked.

7.Eye and dental check up

They may seem minor but they are equally important. Dental check-ups help to identify any form of decay and any other teeth problems.

Eye sight usually deteriorates as one grows older but there are other reasons for getting one’s eyes checked.


Source: Everyday Health


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