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Signs you may have a vaginal infection

If that itch is a bit too persistent then you may need to get checked ASAP.

Some people don’t even know that they have an infection and some may actually brush it off as something that happens often.

One thing’s for sure though, vaginal infections are very uncomfortable if you experience some of these symptoms you may need to visit your physician for a checkup.



If you experience a persistent itch down there then you might be suffering from a vaginal infection. Some women describe having an itch from inside that they can’t get rid of – you might have a yeast infection and you need to get some medication for it.

2.Pain (during sex and urination)

If you experience pain when you pee or during sex then that may be a sign of a vaginal infection as well.

3.Skin is irritated

The skin around your vaginal area also gets irritated when you get a vaginal infection. If things feel a little bit swollen then it may be good to see your doctor.


4.Thick discharge

White and thick discharge is an indication of a vaginal infection with minimal odor. It’s easy to brush this off at first so it is careful to know your body well in order to avoid worsening the situation in the long run.


It's normal for the vagina to have a smell but if the smell turns out to be a little fishy or pungent then that's a warning sign that things aren't good down there.


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