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How your Facebook account can be deleted once you die

Countless questions have been raised on how to get rid of the gazillion photos on instagrams, status posts on facebook, emails etc when one finally kicks the bucket.

Some have complained that Facebook reminders tend to bring back painful memories of their loved ones, something that forced the developers of the largest social media platform to create an option that allows the next of kin to delete the accounts of the deceased.

In a report by a local daily, a Nairobi lawyer Desmond Kibuna divulged that it was important for people to write Wills for Facebook, Twitter  blogs, bitcoin and any other accounts one may have.

Using Facebook’s Legacy Contract, an account holder is able to appoint someone and authorise them to access their account after their demise.


This person has the authority to then notify Facebook of your death and publish a post informing friends of your demise.

They will also be able to download and archive your public activity.

As a safeguard to your privacy, Facebook does not allow this person access to your secret messages, which you would rather not let the world know.

Interestingly, FB also gives users the unique opportunity to set their accounts to delete automatically once notified of one’s passing.

At the same time, your Instagram account can easily be deleted upon a request by a verified family member.


For Twitter, your account can be ejected once your family members present a death certificate and a proof of power of attorney.

Lawyer Kibuna, encourages the public as they write their Will to include every details of their social media accounts and passwords to give the executor of the Will authority to access and close these accounts after death.


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