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Blow for park and chill fans as Kiambu bans roadside partying

This growing movement to park and chill hangouts reflects a shift in social preferences among Kenyans

Park and chill hangout

Kiambu County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha has banned the holding of roadside parties in parts of the county.

Speaking during the Jamhuri Day celebrations in Kiambu on Tuesday, Nkanatha said the government had taken concern about the park and chill hangouts which he said involve alcohol and drugs.

Many Kenyans have preferred to drive to the lush green areas of Limuru and Githunguri to hang out and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

"There is something that has been happening since the time of Covid-19 where young Kenyans have been driving their cars from Nairobi county to Limuru and Githunguri sub-counties to come and do parties where they drink and sometimes engage in sexual activities. We are saying that these games we have banned them completely," he said.


Nkanatha stated that the county security committee has joined forces with the county government to ensure that anyone consuming alcohol in a given area must hold a valid operating permit.

"On the roadside, there is no permit that is there and they also come with a DJ and we are saying we will go on with the crackdown to ensure such kind of behaviour comes to an end," he added.

The county commissioner said that the authorities would be very alert given that Christmas and end-year parties are just around the corner

"We want them to make sure that the citizens are safe. We do not want to hear about alcoholism and the usage of drugs and be wary of illegal aliens. It is time for every leader whether they are in uniform or not to make sure that we end this problem," he said.


This growing movement to park and chill hangouts reflects a shift in social preferences among Kenyans

The allure of these open-air rendezvous lies in the simplicity of the concept: young Kenyans are choosing parks over bustling cafes and crowded malls for their social interactions. So, what exactly is fueling this trend?

One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of park and chill hangouts is the desire to connect with nature.

Urban areas often lack green spaces, making parks a haven for those seeking refuge from the concrete jungle. Kenyan youth are increasingly valuing the therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors, surrounded by trees, grass, and fresh air.

Unlike conventional hangouts that may require a considerable financial investment, park and chill gatherings are budget-friendly.


Youth who are conscious of their spending find solace in the fact that enjoying the company of friends doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag.

Whether it's playing sports, sharing a picnic, or simply lounging on the grass, these gatherings create a space for people to forge connections.

The trend also draws inspiration from traditional Kenyan communal activities, where people would gather in open spaces for various festivities and celebrations.

The park and chill movement, in many ways, is a modern adaptation of these age-old customs, blending cultural roots with contemporary preferences.


As more young Kenyans gravitate towards park and chill hangouts, it's clear that this cultural shift is more than just a passing trend.


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