7 ways to make your boss trust you

It not only allows advancement but also contributes to the success of your career...


Developing trust between yourself and your boss is very important as it not only allows advancement but also contributes to the success of your career.

If you are wondering how you can build a healthy working relationship with your boss then these tips can help you do just that.

Make specific goals

Less talk more action. This helps prove to your boss that you can get the job done in improving the company.

Do not just say you are going to "increase page views" on your site. Instead say that you are "aiming to increase the page views by 100 people by the end of two weeks for example.

Come up with solutions before asking for help

This helps your boss to see that you are actually looking for an alternative to a situation instead of just wanting him/her to give you a solution to it.

You have come up with a solution and now you need your boss’ input on it.

Don’t repeat errors

Everyone makes mistakes so you are bound to make some at your job and that is why you are corrected.

The key here is to make different mistakes other than repeating the same ones over and over again.

Take a risk

It shows that you are willing to try out new things and you are not afraid to be diverse. Change is inevitable and it may be best to try and keep up with it so as to keep not only yourself but your company ahead of the game.

Plus doing the same thing over and over can get boring.


Avoid unnecessary distractions when interacting with your boss.

It is not only distracting but it can come off as rude and as though you are disinterested in what your boss has to tell you.

Get the rest of the team on your side

Have a good relationship with your co-workers because there is no greater support system at your workplace than them.

Speak to them about an idea you may have so that when it comes to pitching it, they will have your back and help make your boss understand that it can be successful.

Team effort.

Always come through for a task

You may not agree with the direction that your boss chooses to steer the company in but you should accept it and work hard to make sure that you come through at the end of it all.

Consistency is key for maximum productivity.


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