3 common mistakes to avoid when you’re searching for jobs online

Avoid these mistakes when you are applying for a job online.

Before you use your CV for any job application, makes sure you edit it.(Muse)

This is digital age and the internet has come to your rescue. You don’t have to go through the stress of walking around a city looking for vacancies anymore.

However, as easy as online job search seems, there are certain mistakes that are associated with it, and these could affect your chances of getting the job you want.

Every job opening comes with a role and descriptions. As an applicant, it’s important you understand the terms the employers use in advertising the job opening. You may be looking for a job as an Assistant Marketing Manager, while the employer is willing to recruit a Digital Marketing Executive. Don’t get these job titles twisted. Spend some more time to read and understand the roles and the descriptions. Don’t just apply for any job online without first knowing what the role is all about.

Sometimes, applicants are in a hurry to adjust their CV to make it suitable for a job application. This however, could limit your chances if your skills are not properly captured in the CV.

Trust me, your CV is probably the most important document you’ll ever need to get a job and this is why you have to make sure the CV accurately reflects the skills required for the job you’re applying for. Don’t ever be in a hurry edit your CV to reflect your skills.

Using the same CV with little or no alteration to apply for different jobs is a common practice that may never get you the job you want. Job applicants often to do this out of desperation with the believe that applying for as many jobs as possible would quicken their chances. Nah! That’s not true.

If you’re desperate to get a job, applying for every job opening would only delay your chances especially if you’re using only one CV. Instead of applying for every job vacancy you see online, try to restrain yourself and apply for only jobs that match your skills and competence. 


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