5 skills you need to grow in your career according to LinkedIn

Automation is coming and as a member of the workforce, here's what you need to do to cope with this technological development.

In the face of automation in job space, LinkedIn believes everyone stands a chance to grow.

Despite the growing threat of job disruptions due to automation, millennials still seriously believe there are career prospect and opportunities for them in the future.

 This according to LinkedIn is based on a new study which shows that 52 % of people aged 18 to 29 are hopeful that the employment landscape will improve over the coming years.

The study shows that while millennials are optimistic about how technology is disrupting job space, older people are being cautious because they think they will be adversely affected by the shifting jobs landscape. Only 41% of those aged 50 to 60 say they think their career prospects would improve in 2019.

However, Roger Pua, LinkedIn's Senior Director of brand marketing and communications for Asia Pacific said he noted that employees of all ages can better prepare themselves by focusing on five key work skills.

As career-conscious people find themselves against the growing threat of automation in their fields, thought leaders, career coaches and business leaders, including platforms like LinkedIn have become more vocal about continuous learning.

Pua said, "Learning a new skill — or upskilling — is a great way to enhance the value you bring to an employer or your own business," 

While learning new skills is important to everyone’s career, maintaining a good network is more important because that’s the best way your skills can be easily recognized.

"It is unlikely that we can go far without help from others in our community, Along the same vein, helping others by lending a hand or giving advice will create a virtuous cycle." Pua said.

One way to build a strong professional network is to position yourself as someone people want to follow; and to achieve that, you have to be on top of your game.

Staying up to date in your industry will position you as a thought leader, and at the same time make you more visible to colleagues and potential employers who may present you with new opportunities.

Don’t delay your chances. Start by updating your online profile to reflect your most recent skills and experiences and actively post and share your thoughts on LinkedIn and other professional networks.

The jobs market according to Pua continues to evolve, and it's important to welcome that change and move along with the trend.

"As the pace of disruption brought about by technology continues to accelerate, the willingness to embrace change is key to continued career success and staying relevant, Pua said.

LinkedIn survey shows that 81% of employees say they are open to the shifts in the job market. However, being open to these shifts is one thing, using it to your advantage is entirely another matter.

The need to strike the balance to avoid getting overwhelmed has become very important for today’s workforce as developments in technology blurs the lines between traditional working hours and leisure time.

On this, Pua said, "As work-life balance becomes an increasingly important aspiration for many people, the key is to find the level of balance or harmony that works for each one of us."


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