5 things no one has told you about working remotely

Remote work is cool, but it has its own drawbacks. Read on.

Distraction at home is one of the struggles that comes with working remotely. (Mocha Moguls)

Working remotely gives you the opportunity to wake and work whenever you want without worrying about many issues that are associated with going to work in Lagos. However, this doesn’t mean remote work doesn’t have its drawbacks.

Here are five things you’ve probably not heard about working remotely.

The idea of working from home or anywhere outside of your office sounds cool and it seems everybody likes it, but the truth is, remote work isn’t for everybody.

Some people lack the discipline it takes to be focus and productive when they are working away from office. Others can’t just work effectively without the buzz of a busy office or the casual banters of their colleagues.

And according to a report by Buffer, distraction is one of the issue associated with working from home and if you can’t control that and focus on your work, it definitely means remote work is not for people like you.

When you’re working in your office, you’re most likely conscious of the closing time. That’s not always the case for remote workers. For remote workers, the lines between work and home life are blurred, since you’re working from your dining room, you might not find it easy to disengage yourself from work.

Loneliness is one of the major drawbacks of remote work especially for extroverts. If you are used to the office chats and banters, you might find working from home lonely. However, if you think working alone affects your productivity, you can go to a restaurant or an eatery to get your work done.

Working remotely could make you feel left out occasionally when you miss out on important announcements, meetings and events in your office. You’ll most likely be the last person to hear in your office to hear about upcoming events and important announcement. However, with software like slack, you can keep update yourself while you work remotely.

Since you’re not enjoying daily interaction with your colleagues, you may miss out on important networking opportunities.


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