How to get your CV ready for job search

Read this to see what you need to include in your CV to get the job you want.

Make your CV perfect for the job you're applying for.

You’re ready to start searching for jobs and you think you’ve got what it takes to get the job, right? Check your Curriculum Vitae. Your CV is the number one credential you need to neatly put together to get the job you desire.

No matter how ready you’re to get a job, if your CV isn’t ready, your job search may get tougher than you expect it to be.

So, to get your resume ready, follow these steps to prepare the credential that’ll get you the job.

1 Use the right parameters

CVs are not one-size-fits-all. The format you are using for your CV and the information to highlight depend on your field. In other words, you're expected to structure your resume to fit the industry standard for the job you’re applying for. This is why you shouldn’t copy your friend's CV.

2 Get the basic right

Every CV must have certain information no matter the industry it’s going to be used. Such information as work experience, job titles, responsibilities, and years worked in each position are very important in all job credentials. Don’t forget to include all these on your CV and your contact info as well.

3  Use relevant keywords

There are certain keywords or terms hiring managers deem valuable to the jobs they are making available for applicants to apply. When you are applying for such jobs, it’s important you use the keywords relevant to the job. How do you get the keywords? Check the job advert. The hiring manager would most likely use words and phrases directly in the job descriptions.

4. Quantify your achievement (if you have any)

Don’t just tell your prospective employers that you’ve achieved something that qualifies you as the best candidate for the job. Put a number to your achievement to help them see the impact you've made.

Did you manage a team? How many people were in the team? Was there a rise in something you handled for an organization, what's the percentage increase? You need to clearly state the numbers in your resume to position yourself for the job over other candidates.

5. Make it easy for recruiters to find you

You might have been told that the best way to get a job is to apply for it. Yes, that’s very true. But have you heard about people who got good jobs without even applying for it? It’s very possible and there are many ways to do it.

Start by sign up on a job platform, update your LinkedIn profile and also promote your industry profile online. Taking these steps make the hiring managers notice you and reach out to you.


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