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How to improve yourself when you feel you’re not growing in your career

Here's what you need to do when you feel you're slumping in your career.

Consider your interest before choosing a career.

I have highlighted some common signs that could be responsible for the lack of growth in your career in one of my articles and you can check it again here.

However, rather than fold your arms and blame the management or your boss for your stunted career growth or stay calm hoping things will get better someday, chances are that nothing will get better if you don’t take steps to make the needed change.

These three tips should help you reignite your career. 


As mentioned earlier, don’t wait thinking things will get better. You need to take some steps and you can start by talking to your boss. Perhaps your boss is not aware of your new skills, tell him or her about it and let him know you’d like to kick your career up a notch.

Discuss your accomplishment with him and also express your interest in applying your skill and knowledge to some bigger projects. Having this conversation with your boss could help you gain career momentum.


You can’t grow if you are not leaning, you already know this. If you’re not growing on your job, try to find a way to learn new skills. Take an online class to develop a new skill that’s in demand in your field and make sure the knowledge and skills you have gained from the class reflect in your duties.

Whatever effort you need to make to better your career begins with you. Get out of your comfort zone and get closer to your colleagues. Collaborate more with them to remind everyone of your presence and relevance in the company.


Start taking these steps today to make yourself a better employee. This effort won’t only get you recognized in your organization, it can also position you for a better job opportunities. Remember no one can determine your career trajectory but you and this is why taking this steps NOW is very important to your career growth. 


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