If you don't know your work style, ask yourself these questions

A hiring manager may ask about your work style in a job interview. If you don't know it, read this to assess your work style.

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How do you describe your work style? This is an interview question that shows whether a job applicant is fit into an existing work culture of an organization or not.

So when this question comes up in your job interview, it’s important you answer it carefully to show the hiring manager you’re the right candidate for the job.

First of all, what does work style even mean? Basically, it is a self-assessment which gives you an insight into how you work.

However, as simple as that sounds, it may be tricky to figure out your work style. But don’t stress over that. There’s a way to go about it. Just ask yourself the following questions and your work style would become clear to you.

1. How do you like to work, independently or collaboratively?

Some jobs allow you to work a member of a team, while others doesn’t necessarily need you to collaborate with people to get your work done. However, the vast majority of jobs require collaborations.

For this reason, many hiring managers may expect you describe yourself as a reliable team player, but if you really think you’re a strong independent worker, don’t be afraid to state it.

2. How do you like to work with your boss?

You also need to establish the work relationship between you and your boss to clearly understand your work style.

Do you like to receive clear-cut directions from your superior to get things done the way the boss wants it, or you like to add a bit of creative interpretations to instructions and still get the result your boss actually wants?

However you define your work style in this sense, make sure you mention the fact that you like to be on the same page with your boss to get work done.

3. What hours do you work?

Most of the jobs applicants applying for are most likely to be 9-5 jobs. When the interview asks you what hours do you work, he/she wants to have an idea about your productivity.

Do you like to get to work very early and get things done before your energy begins to drain or you like to start a bit late and get more active as the time winds down? 

Either way, sharing how you like to work in this sense gives you and the interviewer an insight about how you like to get things done.

4. How do you like to communicate?

The dominant mode of communication in organization involves writing emails or face-to-face. However, an organization may have other communication channels for interactions and other work related communication like Slack. Which of these are you cool with?

Whichever one you prefer, make sure you bring the conversation to the importance of inter-personal communication in an organization.  


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