These 3 computer skills will look good on your CV

Email and Microsoft Word skills are too basic to get you employed. Read about the skills that can get you the job fast.

You can build a career in tech. (Southbank Centre)

You already know that having computer skills is very important to your job search, that’s why you have a section for it in your CV, but trust me, the computer skills you have in that CV might not get you the job you want.

In 2019, you shouldn’t be proud to have basic computer knowledge like email and Microsoft Word in your CV as your computer skills. Nah! No hiring manager wants to see that as a technical skill.

These days, employers only want candidates who can use technology that is relevant to their field to deliver and contribute to the growth of their organizations.

Do you see why your email and Microsoft Word skills may not really get you the job. Everybody can type and send and email, but not every job seeker has the technical skills that employers are looking for.

So, what skills can get you the kind of jobs you want in 2019? Don’t worry, we have a list of valuable skills that can get you employed in many fields.

Here are the technical skills to have to get the job you desire.

These days, graphic designers are needed almost in every workplace. Whether you are applying for a job as a graphic designer or not, having this computer skill on your CV could get you a job in any field.

So, if you have this skill, make sure you highlight it on your CV under the skill section and also mention specific graphic design programs or software you have mastered.

Data analysis has become so important to businesses that they use analytics to make informed decisions that can affect the operations of an entire organization. Your knowledge of analytics tools like Google Analytics or Tableau can give you an edge over other job seekers.

This is like the most valuable skill everyone job-seeking person should get now because according to The Knowledge Academy, a platform which provides online training courses and Glassdoor, Software developer jobs will increase through 2026. 

If you can code, be rest assured you won’t have to struggle to get a job as there are lots of companies that want service of software developers and mobile app developers.


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