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Too much sauce!!! Julie Gichuru goes full out curls

This mami is on fire!!!

Julie and husband, Anthony Gichuru.

When you think you’ve seen the best of her, Julie slaps you with another stunning look.

At 43 you’d expect a wrinkle or two on the kawaida woman but Julie simply isn’t aging!

Like fine wine, arguably Kenya’s most influential female seems to be getting prettier with time. From straight blond hair to coal black waves, you would think that she’s reached her peak but alas! She pulls another stop that leaves you gapping.

This time, it’s curls.


When she’s not being the authoritative figure in all things humanitarian, law and business Julie takes time to appreciate her good looks and share her fashion for the day. Did I mention she owns a fashion line?

Yup, Mimi Holdings Ltd.

So as you bask in her intellectual awesomeness let us hit you with a few more reasons why Julie Gichuru is your ideal hair icon.

1. She likes her curls free.Fashion tip -Wearing your curls down allows you to accentuate your neckline for a slender chic look.

2.  But she doesn't  mind a playful look once in a while.


3. She's daring enough to go for a blonde look

4. She's always snap chat ready with those long black waves.

5. Completely irrelevant (I think not) Julie loves food!

Ps: We're open for lunch too Julie.

6.Umm... sexy much?


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