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4 things baby mothers should stop doing

Co-parenting can be a headache especially when you and your ex-partner disagree on everything

From your child’s mother calling you up in the middle of the night for no reasonable explanation to her constantly complaining that you do not care for your child, here are some mistakes that baby mothers do that drive their baby fathers crazy  and how they can deal with it.

Calling your child’s father at odd hours of the night

You are no longer together so unless something has happened to your child then there is no explanation to blow up his phone in the middle of the night for no reason.


Keeping the child away from their father

If a father wants to be in their child’s life then you should allow him to, regardless of what happened between the two of you. Attempting to punish the child’s father by keeping him away from their child is only punishing the child in the end.

Some baby mamas have gone as far as lying to their children about their fathers and making them seem like they do not care for their child.

Acting like his wife

Your ex has moved on with his life and as hard as it might be to see him with someone else, the best thing you can do for yourself is move on with your own life.


You cannot be judging and insulting the new woman in his life just because you are mad that they have moved on.

Comparing your child's father to your new boyfriend

No one likes being compared to someone else. What your new boyfriend is doing right and what your child's father did not do right is none of your baby father's business. Your only concern should be finding a way to co-parent like civilised adults.


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