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Why your closest friends are more likely to kidnap you – report

Be careful who you let into your inner circle

Relatives of kidnapped victims have resulted to using social media sites to track down their loved ones with most of them unaware that the perpetrators may be nearer than they think.

In fact, they may be their closest friends and relatives.

A recent in-depth report has revealed that 80 percent of Kenyans believe that their friends and acquaintances are more likely to kidnap them as compared to the 72 percent who believe that criminal gangs are more likely to kidnap them.


The study conducted by the National Crime and Research Centre (NCRC), indicated that your friends may be motivated to kidnap you since they have access to your most private details with the main victims being  members of wealthy families, business people and foreigners that seem to have a lot of money.

They have mastered your schedules and know you and your kid's whereabouts.

According to the study, seeking revenge against friends or family members was noted as the major reason behind such kidnappings.

It was also revealed that those that kidnapped friends and family had the hopes of getting huge sums of ransom money from their victims’ families.

Your closest friends are also more likely to collude with strangers to plan out your kidnapping due to the fear of being recognized.


Other findings of the report showed that unemployed male youths aged between 18 and 35 years to be the main perpetrators of such kidnappings.

Most kidnappings happen after 5pm when people are on their way home.


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