How to spot a good guy from a mile away

You don't need a heartbreak for that.

Good guys rarely feel the need to overdress.

Go get yourself a good guy. The kind that seems to always have everything figured out, looks at things in black and white and has no energy for negativity in his life. How do you pick him out of the crowd of your pursuers? Read on.

1. He's not overly dressed

Good guys rarely feel the need to overdress or wear more than two accessories at a time. He's the kind of man you can trust to meet your parents for an impromptu date and he won't embarrass you with his hairstyle or outfit.

2. He doesnt want to meet over drinks, unless that's the plan

If its a date then its lunch or dinner at a quiet place (no one said expensive) he'd much prefer to have a simple deliberate conversation than shout and fist pump his friends over the loud club music because of how hot you are.

3. Speaking of conversations, he actually listens

If he indulges your mind, questions your thoughts and genuinely wants to make you laugh, call back that nner baby girl.

4. He doesn't over spend

He doesn't mind taking you out but he also won't go beyond his means. A good guy is honest about his financial position from the get go, a good woman doesn't really care.

5. A good guy speaks his mind

He won't be afraid to tell you that your weave is terrible but he'll say it in a way that will make you smile instead of hurt your feelings. He won't be afraid to call you out on a lie and he definitely won't mind reminding you what you said because guess what ? He was paying attention.

6. He respects women

Chilvary is not dead. Contrary to what most people think, there exists a breed of men that still remembers to pull your seat when you go for dinner and make sure you get home safely without feeling like you had to have sex to make it worth while.

7. He's got a plan

Note that we didn't say that he had to have it all figured out, he's not Richard Branson. However, he has a goal and its his focal point in every things he says.

8. He has an identity

Something about his personality sets him apart from the rest of the douchebags out there. It could be his attention towards you, his principles or even just his way of saying things.

9. He makes you laugh

A man that can cause the giggles even when he's not around is a keeper. It's never a dull day with a good guy.

10. He doesn't play

You're not sitting there thinking about him cheating. Infact, you just can't imagine it. No, its not being naive for not doubting a guy, it's called trust. Enjoy it, it's rare.


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