The security gadget you need when you date a Nyeri woman

Remember that time when stories of Nyeri women chopping off their husband’s genitals were making headlines?

One “fond” memory during that time was when Nyeri men decided to take matters into their own hands in order to protect themselves from the wrath of their wives – the anti-chop underwear.

The metal underwear was specifically designed for the Nyeri man as a preventative measure in order to protect their manhood from being chopped.

The inner wear completely designed with a latch for a padlock was made of metal and consumers had to pay a deposit before the gear was made for them.

Instructions on how to wear the underwear included Kenyan men putting on shorts or boxers before they put it on.

The metal underwear caused a stir among Kenyans at that time with many joking that at least when you go out to drink and come back home late, you are assured that your private parts will be safe.

Reasons for women going off on their men in such drastic measures was apparently because their men were lazy, cheating on them or they were idlers that were not taking up their responsibilities in their households.

When it comes to dating Nyeri women, this is what people had to say about it:

Violence is however never the answer when it comes to solving issues, whether in a romantic relationship or not.


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