5 Romantic ideas to try this Easter

The ultimate romance starter pack.

No need to pull all the stops.

1.Double dates cook out

While you might be opting for quiet time with your partner, they may be looking forward to a good hang out. Compromise, instead of inviting a huge crowd of friends, offer a couple or two that are close to both of you and have a cook out together. Pack a trunk full of yummy bites and make your way to Arboretum in Nairobi for a fun day out. She’ll love you for it

2. Camping

Picture a long quiet weekend in the hills or by the beach with your partner. There’s something exotic about nature that brings couples closer. It’s a great time to play house, she can show you just how great she is at cooking in the outdoors and you can show her just how handy you can be with the tents and hunting. You can try out Tiwi Beach in Diani or Cray Fish in Naivasha for the ultimate experience.

3. Put your house on lock down

I’m talking about Netflix and chill without the Netflix. Buy everything you need to sustain you for the four days; add a few scented candles, a few boxes of chocolates and lock yourselves in for the long weekend. It’s cheap, intimate and a perfect time to find rediscover and your relationship before you go back to the busy 8 -5.

4. Road trips

Travel the country with your favorite person the world. Experience new culture, waken your taste buds with the variety of dishes and pick up a few souvenirs to keep along the way. The long drive may help you unwind and build your relationship. When’s the last time you made your way to Baringo?

5. Try out an adventure

A new experience coupled with a lot of adrenaline is bound to earn you points in the girlfriend sector. It could be zip lining, bungee jumping or sky diving.  Strive to make it a memorable weekend, furthermore the steamy thank you you’ll be getting later is bound to make it worthwhile.


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