5 ways to keep your boss happy while on vacation

Kill the ghost of responsibilities

Keep your boss happy.

Pick a struggle.

Here are ten ways to keep your bosses happy and your money flowing while on vacation.

1. Say in advance

Nothing is as disorienting as being bombarded with extra responsibilities with no time for adjustment. Make it clear to your boss that you will be away in advance so that they can plan for your temporary replacement and also to avoid cancellation at the last minute.

2. Find a team

Don’t wait for the last day before you go on leave to start planning for your time outside the office. Know who is going to take over what so that they are mentally prepared for your absence.

3. Tutor and advice

Find time and explain how your work is done and train your team on how to tackle issues as they arise. Somehow, problems always come up when you are away.

4. Plan for your return

Know what to expect when you get back and make it clear to the team. That way you can help them set targets of what to achieve every day and a system where you can monitor while away from the office.

5. Make it your absence clear

While you are advised to always be available even if you’re on leave, it doesn’t really feel like it when you have to always answer calls. Make it clear that you will be unavailable before you leave so that your team is mentally prepared for your absence.


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