Why women don’t reveal their real age

Is it inappropriate to ask for a woman's age?

Her announcement of her real age got us thinking about how a lot of women, especially those that hit thirty stop revealing their ages after that and why they do so.

Here are some reasons why:

1.Their age is a private matter

A lot of women feel that asking about their real age is an invasion of privacy. The same way bank account details and your salary are private matters is the same logic that some women use when it comes to their age so it may be best not to ask them.


A good number of people want to be young forever so some women do not want to reveal their real age especially when they are older so that they give someone the perception that they are young.

3.Men are judgmental

Women like to be desired and sometimes when they reveal their age to some men, they feel judged by the men’s response.

Some men may be a bit insensitive when it comes to women revealing their true age. They can ask them questions like ‘I thought you were at least two years older than that’ or ‘and you’re still single?’ which can be a bit hurtful to some women.

4.Reminder that their biological clock is ticking

Speaking of being single; no woman wants to constantly be reminded that their biological clock is ticking and this usually happens when women are in their late 20s, and early thirties.

Mothers and Aunties, especially, are always breathing down your neck bombarding you with ‘tutamuona lini’ questions.

5.Being young is usually associated with men pining after you

Arguable, but some women do think like this especially with the rise of sponsors within the country - stiff competition

Again women like being desired so having a man chasing after you is probably one of the greatest feeling a woman can have.


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