How to slay your interview look

Image is everything.

For that to happen, you must be willing to spend time preparing so that you are able to come out as a composed and confident candidate for the job.

It’s not emphasized on enough that the way you dress speaks volumes about you. You will want the impression you create to last in potential employers’ minds to last even after you have long left, therefore, you will need to carefully select and put together your look for the interview.

There is elegance in simplicity. A simple but well put together look is what you require for an interview. You want to put across class and sophistication without overdoing things and ending up looking like you were headed to a party but somehow ended up at the interview. Keep your makeup and accessories minimal and well thought out.

Choose your colors well. The color of your outfit tells a lot about your personality. Bright colors give off an out-going, confident and extroverted vibe while dull colors portray a more introverted, reserved and thoughtful personality. The best way to go is balancing out the colors to portray a well-rounded and balanced personality.

Your shoes are an important part of your outfit so pay attention to them. The right shoes will land you the job, therefore, select a pair that suits your outfit of choice and is comfortable to walk in.

Most importantly, wear clean, comfortable and well-fitting clothes. It will save you a lot of embarrassment and oops moments. Be confident, smile and slay that interview.


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