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4 common mistakes to avoid when wearing earrings

Your hoops don't lie.

Gold earrings.

Much as they can help make your outfit pop, they can just as easily wash you out or make you look ridiculous.

Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when choosing earrings.

1. Picking the wrong earrings for your face


The earrings you pick have to be flattering to your face's shape. Select earrings that are flattering to the shape of your face or wear shape-neutral earrings like studs.

2. Wearing earrings that don't go with your clothes

You need to wear earrings that go with your outfit. For instance, you can't wear chandelier earrings with a business suit.

3. Failing to match your accessories

Your earrings must also blend with your other accessories. Find a style that suits you whether it's similar metallic tones, all-African or all-leather accessories. You can also find materials that suit each other but make sure your jewels blend as well as your clothes.


4. Wearing the wrong earrings to an occasion

Every type of earring is more suitable to a certain type of event. The more ostentatious earrings are better suited to a cocktail event or a party. Earrings with dull or muted colours are more suitable for official or sombre events.


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